Adventures don’t stop with kids. They keep getting better.

Crawling, toddling, and getting out in the world can be a workout (for baby and for you!). Save your time and energy with baby clothes meant to be adventured in.

three toddlers skipping rocks at a lake

Remember when you stopped working out in your cotton shorts and tees? 100% cotton just isn’t the right material for active adventuring: it collects odor, it warps and stretches, and it stays soggy for hours after any spill or sweating.

First Peak is designed for active babies and toddlers. We source sustainable, innovative fabrics that naturally and safely fight off odor and moisture, while remaining buttery soft and keeping their shape through multiple wears. We use recycled materials and low-impact production practices wherever we can.

Better yet, all our long sleeves have extra length and thumb holes to keep sensitive hands safe from sun and chill. It’s like your favorite running top, but for your cutest companion.

We’re a mom-owned business, with products 100% made in California. We aim to fuel family adventures big and small, or whatever you’re feeling up for.