Managing milk while traveling with a baby or toddler

Managing milk while traveling with a baby or toddler

We’ve spent a lot of time roadtripping with our toddler this summer, and one of the biggest challenges we faced was milk management. We felt like we were constantly discovering sour, curdled milk in our son’s cup, and cleaning that up at the trail head was never fun. 
Here are a few tips we learned:

Rinse immediately 

Often our son would finish his cup, and we’d breathe a sigh of relief that all the milk was gone. Wrong! The milk droplets on the lid and crevices would curdle and be just as gross as a full cup by the end of the day. What we learned: rinse the cup immediately, even if it’s just going to sit empty for the day. That way, you can do a deeper clean later, with less odor to combat. 

Use a larger insulated bottle for refills

During long drives and overnights, keeping a carton of milk sealed and cool was also a challenge. We started moving whole cartons over to a large insulated bottle to keep it cold, and to make it resealable. That way, we could refill our son’s cup whenever he needed. 

Set a reminder to refreeze ice packs

We did have an insulated lunchbox with icepacks, but they were often melting after a long day on the road. We started setting nightly reminders to refreeze — some nights we’d ignore, but many nights it was the perfect tip to ensure the lunchbox would be chilled the next day!
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