Why anti-bacterial fabrics are perfect for baby clothes

Why anti-bacterial fabrics are perfect for baby clothes

I first had the idea to create performance baby clothes after a particularly exhausting family trip to Yosemite. Within less than an hour on the trail, my 6-month old was sweaty, moist, and smelly. His hands were sunburnt and he had bug spray in his eyes. He was ready to pack it in. 

Shortly after that trip, I can across a men’s wear line making odor-resistant shirts laced with silver. Days later, I got an ad for sheets and towels powered by anti-microbial copper. I knew the technology was out there, but I couldn’t find any baby clothes taking advantage. 

The hunt

After that, I started cold calling and emailing bio-tech companies across the country, trying to answer three questions:

  1. Did their products work?
  2. Were they safe?
  3. Were they soft and snuggly enough for my tiny human?

I was surprised by and so grateful for the many representatives, many of whom were scientists, that were willing to speak with me. They sent samples and connected me to other companies leveraging their technology. 

From all this research, one option bubbled to the top: PurThread.

Why PurThread

PurThread was the clear winner in my search for a few reasons. First was it’s construction. PurThread embeds natural silver into yarn, meaning that it’s power doesn’t wear off wash-after-wash, and it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. The PurThread team also had multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers to back up their efficacy and safety. 

Second was their simplicity. PurThread embeds so well into fabrics that it’s hard to tell that it’s there. To me, this meant that I could still ensure the snuggly feel I knew my little guy loved, while also offering the odor-fighting, quick-drying power I craved. 

And finally was their commitment to the environment. The company uses a natural, sustainable process to construct their thread, and they’re backed by the EPA. The product is also so effective that it enables clothes — yes, even onesies! — to be worn multiple times. This means fewer washes, and less water and energy used. 


First Peak’s custom jersey knit, with 10% PurThread, makes us different from every other product on the market. This fabric means fewer headaches and more fun out on the trail. I hope you give it a try!

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