Customer Spotlight: Jen and Barrett’s trip to Mexico

Customer Spotlight: Jen and Barrett’s trip to Mexico

To kick off 2023, I conducted a set of customer interviews. These are a critical way for me to learn from the First Peak community and continue to make improvements to our products. Jen was one of the moms I spoke to, and I loved hearing her story of travel and adventure with her young son. Read the full interview below, and if you’re ever interested in participating in a customer interview, you can sign up here. Interviewees also early a $30 First Peak gift card!

Tell me about you and your son! How old is he? What do you like to do together?

Cabin fever set in within a couple of weeks of Barrett’s arrival, I’m not one to sit still for very long. Short walks were a relief, but I was already brainstorming family adventures. I think Barrett is off to a good start. At 3 weeks he slept through most of his first trip to the ocean, at 2 months he was mesmerized by towering pines on his first camping trip, and at 6 months he attempted to eat his weight in avocado during our recent trip to Mexico. 

At home and in between rounds of peek-a-boo, we enjoy taking our dog Aspen for walks in our neighborhood or on the trails in the nearby canyon. Barrett enjoys the fresh air and has always been fascinated by the trees. We’re looking forward to taking him backpacking this summer and seeing his reactions to the new experiences on the trail.

Baby in bib

Before you discovered First Peak, what were you dressing him in, and what kinds of bibs were you using? What wasn’t working about those products?

Before discovering First Peak, Barrett was in a lot of hand-me-downs, which I appreciate - thank you to any friends reading this! However I was in search of a few specific items well suited for time outside that would dry quickly and wouldn’t hold onto that spit-up smell or stretch out in the neck and sleeves after a few hours. 

I found First Peak and ordered a bodysuit in 3-6 month size for Barrett to try. I loved the fabric and the sunflower color so much I was dressing him in it at 2 months old. It was a bit big, but the loose fit was nice for the heatwave we were melting through. And while I had to pack away his other 3-6 month items at 4.5 months, he still has room in his First Peak now at 6.5 months. Plus it transitioned well to a base layer with the cooler temperatures. I think how long the First Peak items are able to stay in the rotation adds to their value. During our trip to Mexico, Barrett wore his bodysuit for multiple days. It held its shape but not odors, which was truly impressive in the humidity. I just ordered a bigger size that will be a staple in his wardrobe this summer and into the winter!

For bibs I bought two 10-packs of super absorbent bandana bibs because Barrett hasn’t stopped drooling since he turned 3 months old. The variety of colors were fun to pair with outfits, but they needed to be changed once an hour or it was like wearing a wet sponge around his neck which was asking for a drool rash. When planning for our Mexico trip I didn’t want to pack a suitcase full of bibs. That’s when I decided to invest in First Peak bibs, it seemed like they stood a fighting chance against the humidity. I brought three on the trip. One would last a full day, then I washed it in the sink and left it to dry, rotating between the three the whole trip. Even in the humidity Barrett didn’t have any signs of drool rash. Looking back I should have just started with 3 of the First Peak bibs and skipped the 10-packs of the standard bibs - it would have saved on laundry and dresser space! 

mom with baby

Why do you recommend First Peak to other parents and caretakers? 

First Peak items are fantastic for everyday use, but I think where they really shine is during travel. I packed way too much for Barrett on our Mexico trip. It really made me evaluate the items we had for him. I’d rather pack a few quality items that can be worn multiple times or easily washed in the sink and hung out to dry than a new outfit for every day. I can tell the frustrations I have with clothes from other brands are the same frustrations Jocey had. I truly appreciate the thought and care that goes into designing First Peak items. Plus I love supporting a mom-owned business and I am excited to see the business grow.

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