Our clothes are built for adventures big and small

“Adventure” can mean a lot of things. It may be an epic hike or cross-country flight, or it may be their first solid foods or first time up the jungle gym. With any adventure, messes are inevitable, but the waste and discomfort aren’t. 

Everyday Mayhem

I was tired of throwing away stained, stretched, smelly clothes after my son wore them once or twice. Our clothes are made to handle everyday messes from spills, to spit-up, to the toughest ketchup stains.

Hiking and the Outdoors

When it comes to getting outside with a baby, you want clothes that can stand up to sun, dirt, and moisture. Let your little one explore that babbling brook — our clothes dry fast without losing their shape.

Travel and Flying

We’re here to help you pack lighter and breathe easier. Families rave about First Peak for flights: our clothes allow for fewer outfit changes in tiny airline bathrooms, and are breathable, comfy layers for those exhausting travel days.

Sun Protection

Baby skin is sensitive, so we aim to strike the perfect balance between coverage and breathability. Our fabrics are UPF rated as providing excellent protection, and our extended sleeves and thumb holes keeps arms fully covered, even during carrier naps.