We're looking ahead to new styles and innovations

Real talk: my favorite part of building First Peak is the design process. I love listening to families, understanding their needs, and seeking creative solutions to fill gaps in the market. I'm in awe of the incredible innovations happening in the world of textiles, where new eco-friendly, durable options keep becoming available. We aim to bring the world's best adventurewear to your family.

Here's what we have in the works

Fun fact: Many of the images below include white clothing. Why? Typically, we first sample our designs in white, and then test them out by dying and washing!

New-and-improved bodysuits

We giving our original adventure bodysuits a makeover! We're moving toward a blend of fully natural fibers that are even softer, faster to dry, and longer lasting than ever. We're lucky to have a new baby in the First Peak family -- she's been putting these to the test!

Second generation sweatshirts

Our All-Season Sweatshirts keep getting better! We updated our fabric to a more sustainable Modal that's softer, faster drying, and more stain resistant than ever. We also added a little extra length in the torso to keep tiny bellies covered!

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Bigger sizes for bigger kids

I'll be honest: every time my son has grown out of the largest First Peak sizes, I've expanded the line. So the clock is ticking for us to expand into 5T and 6T sizes! I may even consider some mama and dada options while I'm at it...