How we maintain a sense of home while traveling for a year

How we maintain a sense of home while traveling for a year

We’ve been on the road for nearly 7 months now, having given up our apartment and nearly all our possessions last summer. It’s been liberating, memorable, special, and just so fun. 
But that’s not to say that there aren’t days where we miss home, or really, just having a home. Here are some of the things we do, both as a family and just us parents, to feel grounded even when on the move: 

Cook and bake

I’ve always loved to cook, and while I don’t love to bake, I do love to eat the outputs of baking. While it can be so tempting to eat out while traveling — there’s so much to taste and experience — we find that meals at home really make us feel at home. Plus, American-style chocolate chip cookies can be hard to come by abroad; that’s one of our guilty pleasures.

Slow days

The other temptation when on the road is to pack every day. But sometimes those slower days are the exact homey luxury we crave. Taking a lazy day to read, play with toys, and walk the neighborhood allows us to recharge and get the most of the busier days on the road. 

Technology and visits

FaceTime has transformed our ability to stay in touch, and especially now that our son is a bit older, he really understands that the face on the screen is someone he knows and loves. We make a concerted effort to do video calls with family multiple times a week. We also, even as introverts, push ourselves to meet up with even distant acquaintances (and new people!) who may be in the same area as us. Seeing even a semi-familiar face or speaking in our native language is a great jolt of comfort and energy. 


We’re not big TV watchers, but we have a few shows that really remind us of home and give us an opportunity to catch up with friends that we know also watch. Our favorite for that: Survivor! It has a nostalgic homey feeling for us, and every once in a while, we love curling up with an episode after our son’s bedtime. 
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