How First Peak made traveling with a baby fun again

How First Peak made traveling with a baby fun again

I started First Peak because I couldn’t find baby clothes that would stand up to my son’s adventures. It felt like the options on the market kept falling short, and I craved garments that would work with our lifestyle. I didn’t want my kiddo to smell bad after dribbling milk down his shirt; I didn’t want to pack 4 outfits a day for a weekend in the woods; I was tired of sunburnt hands and bug spray getting in his eyes. 

With each problem, I collected a product idea — and it was a blast! Below are a few of the best snippets from the process:

Bacteria- and odor-resistant fabric

One of my pet peeves, especially in my son’s first few months, was the rotten milk smell that would stick to his clothes. He’d spill or dribble, and within a few hours, would reek. His clothes looked clean, but he smelled wildly sour.

Around that same time, my husband received an ad for a men’s t-shirt that was intended to resist stink. I instantly bought a 3-pack and started using the shirts as bibs during Emory’s feedings. They didn’t smell! 

First, I went on a hunt for baby clothes using the same fabric as the men’s shirts. No luck. Then, I went out and met with 5 different biotech companies, seeking an effective and safe option for bacterial-resistant thread. The rest is history. 

Thumb holes

My husband and I loved hiking with our son in the carrier, where he’d quickly fall asleep and relax for the ride. But we had a problem with my son’s hands getting sunburnt and covered in bug bites. We naturally turned to sunscreen and bug spray, but these were problematic as Emory rubbed his eyes and sucked his thumb as he started to doze.

One many of those same hikes, I relied on the thumb holes on my own long-sleeve shirts to protect my hands without overheating. I worked with a local pattern maker to bring this design to my onesies and body suits. 

Running down the check list

Once I had momentum, I figured I’d squash a series of other annoyances while I was at it. Itchy tags? No more! Clothes that shrink or lose their fit after a wash? Design with washing in mind, and pre-shrink! Precise care instructions that I was too tired to follow? Never again.


I’m so excited to be able to outfit my son in clothes that meet my family’s needs, and I hope these products can empower your family too. What are you pet peeves with baby clothes today? I’d love to fold even more solutions into our next designs.

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