Best 1st birthday gifts for an outdoorsy family

Best 1st birthday gifts for an outdoorsy family

When babies are first born, you have the luxury of a registry to guide your gift purchases. But for a first birthday, you’re often on your own. One year is also often the time when kids are starting to think about walking, and outdoorsy families are feeling more open to bigger adventures.
Our belief is that a first birthday celebration is a major milestone for the parents as much as for the little one, so our ideas below are intended to make the full family happy. We’ve also only selected items under $40 — we think these can each make a big impact without a big pricetag. 

First Peak baby clothes

baby wearing First Peak
Why baby will love it: these clothes are snuggly soft, light, and breathable. They’re free of annoyances like itchy tags, and their snap closures at the collarbone and shoulders make getting dressed a breeze. 
Why parents will love it: all First Peak clothes are made with an odor- and bacteria-resistant fabric, meaning they stay fresh through more wears and fewer washes. They also have extended sleeves with thumb holes to keep sensitive hands protected from sun and cold. They come in neutral colors, inspired by nature, and are shipped in compostable packaging.
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Bitty Brah Hat

baby in Bitty Brah hat
Why baby will love it: these hats are breathable and light-weight, and provide lots of sun coverage. 
Why parents will love it: Bitty Brah hats have chin straps! They stay on longer, but still have a latch release for safety. The designs are simple and adorable. 
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Travel- and outdoor-friendly books

Why baby will love it: long hikes or stolls (and long drives to get there) often mean a lot of sitting for a little one, who may not yet fully appreciate nature. A book can provide lasting entertainment.
Why parents will love it: many books come in waterproof or water-resistant editions. Our favorite is Peek-a-boo Forest, which has a handy clip on the corner, a crunchy texture for sensory engagement, and is virtually indestructible in the face of chewing, drool, and spills.
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Summer pop-n-sit portable high chair

baby in high chair with dog
Why babies love it: this seat makes it easy to include little ones in outdoor meal times, whether on a picnic blanket or by a fire. 
Why parents love it: this seat provides much of the structure of a high chair in an easy-to-pack format. It’s also simply to hose down after mealtime. 
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Patagonia crewneck sweatshirt

Why babies love it: a soft, lightweight option that will make kiddo the coolest at the campsite.
Why parents love it: Patagonia is a beloved name in the outdoor community, and sharing that with a tiny human is just so darn cute. Whlie many Patagonia baby items are quite pricey, this sweatshirt strikes a reasonable balance between high quality, and not-too-precious-to-get-muddy.
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