3 reasons to shop local

3 reasons to shop local

Not until I started manufacturing clothes in my city did I truly appreciate the benefits of shopping local. “Shop local” is not only a hip movement, but it’s also truly impactful on local communities and the environment. Here are 3 big reasons to do it:

#1: Support long-standing businesses

You get to support local manufacturers and artisans in your community, many of whom are working so hard to compete with oversees prices. I get to work with so many family-owned and women-owned partners that have been producing quality products in the Bay Area for decades!

#2: It’s better for the environment

The environmental impact of a locally manufactured product is less than that of one produced overseas and then shipped or hauled to a warehouse! Shopping local is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

#3: Drive innovation in your community

There’s often overlap between locally made products and new, small businesses. I started producing locally in part out of necessity: I needed to learn the ropes and wanted to work closely with partners. With a baby at home, local was my only option. I know many other new entrepreneurs who manufacture locally, and supporting new businesses can help fuel your local economy and encourage innovation. 
I proudly manufacture all our products in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check us out at www.firstpeak.co
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