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Just Slightly Imperfect Ts

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We're a small batch shop with a lot of our work done by hand. That means that, sometimes, products come out with minor imperfections. We also strongly believe that throwing out this product or using it as scraps would be wasteful -- for many families, slight alterations on the norm are just right, and energy and resources (both personal and mechanic) shouldn't be wasted!

This batch of short-sleeve Ts has slightly darker collars. Otherwise, it's the same powerful, snuggly fabric in beautiful hues, but rather than solids, you have more of a "baseball" style. We're labeling them as "imperfect" because we have a commitment to selling our products as they appear on our site, and these Ts do look just slightly different.

Why We Love It

These baby clothes check every box:

* Bacteria- and odor-resistant fabric that keeps its shape through multiple wears

* Garment dyed in gender neutral tones, leaving an extra soft feel

* Tag-less and pre-shrunk

* Snap closures at the collarbone or shoulder for easy changes

* Long-sleeved garments have thumb holes in the sleeves for better hand protection

* 100% California-made: fabric sourced in Los Angeles; cut, sewn, and dyed in San Francisco

* Eco-friendly shipping: compostable envelopes, recyclable wrapping, no plastic


50% cotton, 40% poly, 10% PurThread.

Purthread safely embeds ionized silver into filament yarn to help fight the bacteria that cause odor, mildew, and more. This keeps clothes smelling fresher and lasting longer, even after hundreds of washes.

Our fabrics are UPF rated as providing excellent sun protection, and block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on US orders over $60. Domestic orders fulfilled by USPS. International shipping available to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Spain. Shipping rates calculated at checkout. International orders subject to additional import taxes managed by UPS.

Care Instructions

Wash however you wash. You already have a lot on your plate :)

For optimal results, we recommend machine washing in cold water and drying on low.

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Pack lighter and breath easy

Our quick-drying performance fabrics are designed to stay fresh through dribbles, spills, and sweat. That means fewer changes and fewer washes; a win for your family and the environment.

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